Brightmail antispam not updating

IMT recommends that you set up email filtering to move these messages to your Junk Mail folder if you are on the Exchange 2003 email system.False-Positive A false-positive results when Brightmail believes that a message is spam when it in fact is not spam.

Open Windows Explorer to the following directory: is replaced with the version of SMSMSE installed. [Spam] Brightmail works by scanning all incoming email messages before they reach APU inboxes and tagging the message subjects with “[Spam]” if they meet specific criteria defined by the Brightmail filters.Example: [Spam] will be prepended to “Invest in this stock now! ” if the Brightmail filter determines that the message is spam.Brightmail's system has a three-pronged approach to stopping spam, the Probe Network is a massive number of e-mail addresses established for the sole purpose of receiving spam.The Brightmail Logistics and Operations Center (BLOC) evaluates newly detected spam and issues rules for ISPs.

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Symantec technicians create custom rules to block this spam in realtime.

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