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Here they are as listed by the People’s Daily Online Guangxi: Tang Wei The Lust, Caution star married South Korean film director Kim Tae-yong in July 2014.

The pair first met while shooting the film Late Autumn in 2009, but only began dating in October 2013 after Tang had returned to South Korea to shoot a commercial.

Stephy Qi Stephy Qi married her Korean-American husband Lee Seung-hyun in September 2014.

As proof of their great chemistry together that the People’s Daily calls “sweet and cute”, Qi posted a photo of her “slapping” Lee in a photo posted to the Weibo micro-blogging platform (seen above).

It’s like there’s a Asian Female Celebrity Club (I’m adding this one to my lexicon, along with “community store”) that somehow decided that men of color would be excluded from their dating pool.

Anyway, as I was sitting there eating some fro yo, I overheard some generally unattractive Asian girls complain about how "White girls take all the hot Asian men.

Approximately, 9 out of very 10 of those couples were a white male with an Asian female (and 1 out every 10 of those couples were an Asian male with a white female).

Of the first combination, more often than not, it was unattractive nerdy white guy (with a weak chin, pasty skin, and thinning hair) holding hands with a generally unattractive Asian woman.

I told a friend, “This woman is definitely married to a White guy.” She asked how I knew. Her main character is an Asian guy, and he looks nothing like any Asian guy I’ve ever met in real life. Some argue that we need to leave the community store, and or that we need to decrease demand for Asian women.

After her failed marriage to Canadian Blaine Grunewald, Chinese actress Yuan Li caused a sensation last year when she warned, “you can better appreciate Chinese men after marrying a foreigner,” sparking discussion on the contentious issue of interracial relationships.

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