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On the issue, Amanda stated: “The Bodog life and my own are scarily similar. I’ll be posting those shots on my facebook as soon as I have them but in the meantime I’ll see you all at the tables, both live and online.”To provide some background, Amanda hit Las Vegas at age 19 and began playing poker from the start.She learned the subtleties of the game playing from home and researching the strategies characteristic of the poker formula.Dating poker pros seems a side-job as she dated both UB-pro Joe Sebok and Daniel Negreanu, and touching female poker player’s boobs is another thing Amanda likes to do on the side: The ever-popular giant of online poker gambling websites, has signed a big name in the poker niche with Amanda Leatherman, who will be joining Team Bodog, a compilation of trusted poker pundits and professionals.Amanda has in the past few years grown to be a fairly large name in the poker community and her addition to the famous Bodog label will only elevate her buzz cloud.She was a familiar presence in video WPT updates and held a number of memorable interviews with poker legends and WPT champions.Additionally, she has worked for Poker Road conducting interviews with online poker professionals.

She will be interviewing players and updating online viewers via webcast for all future NAPT events.

Her first stint was at the poker tournament reporting website, Poker

She also contributed to Poker Road.com, and as hostess for the North American Poker Tour.

By Steve Beauregard Arguably the most well-known celebrity in the poker world, Daniel Negreanu, doesn’t need luck at the poker table to win, however he could probably use some luck when it comes to love.

Born in 1974 in Toronto, Canada, Negreanu has an incredible poker resume – and horrible dating one.

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Both were reportedly pool hustlers (uh, I mean pool players) in the Toronto pool hall scene before transitioning into the more lucrative poker field.

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