Dating in early twenties

And you get to do it at a time in your life when you're the most self-aware you've ever been! That said, instead of dwelling on what I don't have I'm choosing to start focussing on what I do. Pump your soul with self-love, friendships, experiences, new challenges, and fears. You can explore and focus as much or as little as you want. Sure I can sit here and say all these empowering things but the actions are a lot harder to follow through on.Also choreographed the music video for til it happens to you, which may not have been reported and activity is expected.

This person isn’t going to change, and it will get worse.

It’s a hot mess in the 20-something dating jungle; you won’t get through these 10 years without having a relationship with someone who’s crazy.

We all have our quirks, but this person has blatant red flags.

Maybe your girlfriend demands to know all your passwords so she can spy on your online accounts.

Your boyfriend doesn’t let you go out at night without him unless he approves of your outfit.

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In my early 20s, when I got dumped I would just party wth my gal pals until I got distracted by the next guy at the bar.

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