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The Senior Planet Exploration Center, which opened last year on West Twenty-fifth Street, boasts of being “the country’s first tech-themed senior center.” One afternoon, I stepped inside to find patrons—mostly women in their seventies and eighties—hunched over desktops and reading i Pads at a conference table. In a corner near the back, Marcie Rogo and Andrew Dowling, young folks, were preparing to tell the seniors about their startup, a Web site called You could call it a dating site for the elderly, but they prefer to call it a place to find “companionship.” Don’t confuse them with Stitch.com, “Your guide to the embroidery world! Arlene and Carol had long hair, well styled, and ample mascara.

These days, with three young children and a full-time writing career, I don't have time to do much more than draw it back in a ponytail. Except that recently, I've been too busy even to wash it properly. One girlfriend confides she's been wondering whether it was time to cut her long hair, too.Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes also went for the chop this summer, swopping Barbie-style manes for jaw-scraping bobs. All too often, women hang on to their long locks because they think it makes them look youthful. Since then I've dyed my fair tresses red, permed them, had fringes and layers cut in and grown them out - but my hair's never been less than halfway down my back.Yet nothing's more ageing than long hair once a woman reaches a certain age. Over the years, I've spent thousands of pounds pampering my crowning glory.Vivian, who told me that she is legally blind, wore an oversized blue T-shirt, black pants, and polka-dot socks.Kera, who didn’t say much, had on a simple black dress and a colorful scarf.

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