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“If you say you’re gay, very few people say, ‘Well, what do you mean?

’ Bisexuals have to come out every time they walk into a room,” she says. We like to joke that’s the one thing straights and gays agree on: They don’t understand bisexuals.” Ingram, 41, grew up in Jamaica—where being anything other than straight is punishable with jail time but is more often handled by mob violence—and she spent the ’80s and ’90s advocating for gay rights in New York City, where she identified as a lesbian before coming out as bisexual.

These new technologies have generated quicker and easier modes for men who have sex with men to meet potential partners based on attraction and physical proximity.

Our sample was recruited from Grindr, the most commonly used of these mobile apps among MSM, using broadcast advertising.

Respondents had current accounts on 3.11 mobile apps (SD 1.84) on average, with Grindr being the most common (100%), followed by Scruff (52.5%), and Jack’d (45.7%).

Most men were most active in the late night (40.2%), and on weekdays (64.1%).

It is geared at younger gay men who have not personally witnessed the first waves of AIDS.

” (They are not.) “Are you going to miss the other gender?

Gay Men's Health Crisis Nonprofit, community-based AIDS service organization in New York City, with services for all people with HIV.

Initiatives include the Institute for Gay Men's Health, a program that links HIV education and prevention with a comprehensive promotion of wellness among gay men and affiliated communities.

I have concluded that being a bisexual man is, well – challenging. ”, people have told me (I would if I was getting any in either world, yes); “Twice the fun!

”, others have said (working on the assumption I have ‘fun’ in the first place).

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