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My friend conned me to be an unpaid carer Q: I was flattered when an old friend invited me to stay for a “few weeks”. But the minute I arrived, she announced she was going into hospital for an operation and I was left caring for her husband.

Not only did I end up cooking and caring for the man, but I had to keep taking him to the hospital to see her and he was reluctant to give me any petrol money.

These dates are determined by the period of your ovulation.

It is important for you have sex during your fertile period i.e.

Detectives examined his gaming system and found that from August 24 to August 28, he had sexual conversations with "x XJenn Lynn81Xx." Their conversations allegedly showed that she knew the boy was underage, the court documents said.

Dallas police stopped the pair at Dallas Love Field Airport, according to the complaint.

Are you over 18 and are you willing to view mature content?He was grumpy and once shouted at me for getting his medication wrong. I’m on my own and have enough problems to deal with.Now I’m back home and she hasn’t even sent me a thank- you note. A: I suggest you scrub this devious pair off your Christmas card list and don’t give them another thought.It’s one thing being asked to help and support a friend in need, but luring you to their house in order to play the role of an unpaid carer was a cheap trick.If they were in trouble, then they should have been honest and upfront with you from the start.

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