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An extended series focused on gender-bending, including magical (temporary) gender-switching, and some alterations to canon. Yami's going to change Seto's mind, however..showing him how to play the game of love.

First books focuses on Ryou/Bakura, second on Duke/Malik, third is a just-for-fun romp that wraps up the other pairings. Trying to figure out what makes Ryou tick, Seto finds that there's more to Ring-bearer than meets the eye and starts to fall for him.

Noah Kaiba lives with his sadistic tyrant cousin *Cough Authoress cough* Sparkie Spiritra! So he ties up the phone lines and gets her pist off! Only he's never been very good at dealing with his emotions.

He may be biased, but Seto's never been able to believe him.

Altough her heart told her he was true, her mind couldn't help but wonder, 'was it love, or lust' Setox Serenityx?

A girl gets amnesia one night thanks to Kaiba and since she has no idea who she is and everything Kaiba decides to take care of her and actually grows attached to her, but what happens when he finds out she's Serenity Wheeler?

and slightly suggestive material)Serenity is back from 3 yrs in America in New York and Joey is thrilled to have her back, but she's not the same. Tea does not usually play games with Yugi, and his friends.But in the beginning of the anime, she could beat Joey Wheeler in Duel Monsters, and was later shown to be more than competent against others.Seto Kaiba, Téa Gardner, Tristan Taylor, Joseph 'Joey' Wheeler, Yugi Moto, Yami Yugi, Mai Valentine, Mokuba Kaiba, Serenity Wheeler, Ishizu Ishtar, Marik Ishtar, Duke Devlin, Malik, Rishid, Ryou, Yami/Yugi, Bakura/Ryou, Duke/Malik, Joey/Tristan, Mokuba/Serenity, Anzu/Malik, Seto/Mai All Ryou used to want was for Bakura to leave. But will Seto's near-complete inability to trust people keep them from getting close? Duke offered to teach everyone to play DDM; Tristan is the only one who took him up on the offer.But now that Bakura has been sentenced to spend eternity in the Shadow Realm, Ryou realizes he can't live without his yami. Malik is a bit confused by what's in his living room. The evening starts off boring, but add in a pair of 'naughty' dice and things get interesting...

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Tons of mistletoe overhead, and a smirking yami smack-dab in front of him. Bakura knows Ryou loves him -- they share a mind-link, after all.

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