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As Lady Macbeth draws on, Katharine begins to display manic tendencies to commit, shall we say, unethical acts. At no point did I think I had to put on the bad-man cape – she’s just acting with instincts.

She’s pushed and so she pushes back.” Staggeringly, the role landed at Pugh's feet at the age of 19 – something that still surprises her to this day.

Un'ingente patrimonio culturale e storico che fu sommerso da acqua e nafta, l'emergenza per la possibile perdita di opere di inestimabile valore, fece confluire su Firenze competenze da tutto il mondo, aprire nuove sperimentazioni e costruire protocolli di restauro ancora oggi utilizzati.

La mostra promossa da Regione Toscana, Città metropolitana, Comune di Firenze e Comitato Firenze 2016 è stata realizzata anche con il contributo dell'Università di Firenze e della Fondazione Guglielmo Giordano.

While commercial sex takes place in upscale brothels and designated red-light areas in many countries, some places of this world are limited to private apartments and the street.

Italy is one of those countries where most prostitutes are streetwalkers who parade the streets in short skirts and high heels to attract the attention of horny punters on wheels.

Aperta tutti i giorni dalle 9 alle 19, chiusa il mercoledi.

We're not used to seeing a woman kick back in the way Katherine does, and if we ever do, it's the man being cheeky or naughty. “This is why it's so shocking – because we're seeing a very modern story in a very period film.” Getting Pugh to speak candidly about the character is tough. She is just a girl and she’s put in these situations where she has to react.

Florence (Italian: Firenze) is the capital of the region of Tuscany in Italy, with a population of about 366,500.

The city is a cultural, artistic and architectural gem.

Pugh looks worlds away from her corset-wearing, wine-guzzling character when we meet on an unusually wintry April afternoon.

Her day is dedicated to the discussion of the film ( this morning, Mark Kermode later) and Pugh appears subdued that the experience is rolling on a year and a half after it was shot.

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