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For example, you should investigate which applications are using the table.If the name of the table changes, so the application code that refers to the table name needs to be changed as well.The statement The second is more readable, but will throw an ERR_NOTICE is $some_variable is not set. This is more complicated when you have multi-dimensional arrays. /** * Compares two arrays to see if they contain the same values. * usefull for determining if a record or block of data was modified (perhaps by user input) * prior to setting a "date_last_updated" or skipping updating the db in the case of no change.Of course, this could be overcome by suppressing the notice using the @ operator. * * @param array $a1 * @param array $a2 * @return boolean */ # May work with warnings that $tally[$index] is not initialized # Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in D:\htdocs\colors\Color Compare\on line #__ # It is an old fashioned way.

This is how it works in dynamically add rows to table using javascript.Summary: in this tutorial, you will learn how to rename tables using My SQL RENAME TABLE statement and ALTER TABLE statement.Because business requirements change, we need to rename the current table to a new one to better reflect the new situation.This tutorial helps you get started with PHP and Oracle Database by showing how to build a web application and by giving techniques for using PHP with Oracle.If you are new to PHP, review the Appendix: PHP Primer to gain an understanding of the PHP language.

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Please note that the ternary operator is an expression, and that it doesn't evaluate to a variable, but to the result of an expression. when you're comparing a request variable which you expect to be numeric.

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