Updating the firmware in the gy hd100

Luki Link&s kickstarter project is now going to ..Apple has officially announced in emails to users Final Cut Pro 7 after an OS upgrade to High Sierra no longer support, ie it will then no longer start.

Apple wants the users of this old version of Final Cut - the last update of Final Cut Pro 7 is ..Nikon has today presented its new full format flagship camera Nikon D850.

Not sure why you would think it's not 'the perfect choice' for sports or low light productions.

I've done 15 concerts with it in Nov/Dec, and I'm very pleased with the results compared to our AG-AC160s.

Frankly I dont need the 4K for this work, but it sure would be nice to have for other projects and future proofing my capabilities.

It was a daylight scene so that doesn't tell us that they would have also used that camera at night but it was good to see someone using one.

the new Quick Stream DV/HDV will transition right along with you!

The new Quick Stream DV/HDV has a completely redesigned enclosure constructed out of aluminum alloy for improved heat dissipation as well as strength.

First and foremost, the directional microscope designed for the areas of ENG / reportage is designed as a ..In 18 hours the official presentation of the Nikon D850 is to take place, but as often, a few leaks seep before the official presentation.

And in this case, we are very pleased with what we are going to read.

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You will be editing immediately without the time-consuming process of transferring from tape to computer and without tying up your HDV camcorder!

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