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Keith Shuttleworth & Associates have extensive experience of designing, developing, installing and validating air detectors on a wide range of sterilization equipment.

We have worked with autoclave manufacturers to integrate the devices into existing control system and have developed stand alone models, which simply “bolt on” to existing autoclaves.

Burning, however, is a bit excessive for everyday usage.

Transmissible agents (such as spores, bacteria and viruses) can be eliminated through sterilisation.

In the event that it detects too much air, the device is normally configured to cause a cycle to automatically fail and the process to proceed to the drying stage.

CMI Healthcare now provides a comprehensive servicing and validation service on all our decontamination room equipment.

In a dry air oven, it takes two hours at 160°C to kill spores of the bacterium Clostridium botulinium (associated with canned food).

Using saturated steam, the same spores are killed in just five minutes at 121°C, proving that moist heat is more effective than dry heat.

Put the individual sensor to the slot of high temperature reference block which is stabilized at required temperature.

Record the temperature for five minute by data logger and attach the report with print outs with reports.

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trolley made of SS 304L for keeping the components in autoclave cum bung processor provided during sterilization. The Autoclave Cum Bung Processor will be qualified after validating (As per the methods outlined in this Protocol) the equipment for desired performance and its ability to sterilize different components and/or loads at the set parameters & set loading patterns, repeatedly & consistently.· Loaded Chamber heat penetration studies (3 trials) for each sterilization load of fixed loading pattern, with temperature mapping probes inside the innermost possible layer of the load subjected for sterilization.

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