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We expect the process to take about a month and the new community pages to be active later this summer. The original version of the long-running game show, hosted by veteran host Bob Eubanks."I don't have plans to do that again, " Pinsky said. It's just ridiculous." Pinsky, who starred in and co-produced five seasons of "Celebrity Rehab," said that doing the show has become too stressful for him, due to the fact that everyone is quick to point fingers at him when one of his celebrity patients relapses."It's very stressful and very intense for me, " Pinsky said.In addition to a table of contents, there is an introduction, glossary, bibliography, page of abbreviations, & several indexes. Contains over 1200 line drawings and a wealth of information on coins of the various Indian States.Hardbound Softbound Early Coinage of South East Asia by Oliver D. This reprint from the covers Lebanese coinage from 1924 to 1969. Bright The authoritative book covers the coinage of Kutch from the reign of Bharmalji I in 1566 until the reign of Madanasinhji in 1948. Cresswell Finally a reference book which brings the many aspects of Tibetian coinage into focus. Contains over 1000 line drawings and a wealth of information on coins of the countries of Turkey, Persia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Morocco, Tripoli, Tunis, etc. Hardbound, 266 pages Numismatic Bibliography and Libraries by Francis D." Pinsky said that while many viewers think that much of what is shown on "Celebrity Rehab" is faked for the cameras, the show was very real."These are really sick people, that's why they die," Pinsky said. Bob [Forrest] and Shelly [Sprague] and I ran a program for 20 years and [for 'Celebrity Rehab'] we do what we always do and just let them run the cameras." To date, five of Pinsky's "Celebrity Rehab" patients have died, most recently country singer Mindy Mc Cready, who took her own life in February.

We’re happy to announce that a new platform has been chosen and the transition is under way.Tom Sizemore's career spiral, famously greased by addiction, took the tough-guy actor from stellar movies like “Saving Private Ryan” to a highly publicized season on “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. His new memoir, “By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There,” reads as a brutal cautionary tale. On one of his early movies, “Passenger 57” from 1992, he made his move on co-star Elizabeth Hurley just ahead of co-star Wesley Snipes, who also had her in his sights.The fallen star spares no detail, ugly or beautiful. Sizemore writes that he was too intimidated by her beauty to do more than cuddle on their first night — so Hurley took it on herself to move the matter forward.Cresswell This is a comprehensive and in-depth study of the early coinage of the Indio-China Peninsula Kingdoms of Lannatai and Lanchang. Included are mintage figures, metallic content, translations of the Arabic inscriptions and a listing of varieties which were previously unreported. All major types are illustrated along with the inclusion of many varieties that are not generally known. It covers the history of Tibet, its religion, its religious symbolism on the coinage, and the language. Hardbound, 202 pages Copper Coins of India, Part I & II by W. Valentine This book is a reprint of the 1914 original published by Spink & Son, Ltd. Campbell A comprehensive discussion by the Head Librarian of the American Numismatic Society. Rose has made a creditable beginning in his 54 page booklet with more than 200 illustrations.Shell, Saddle, Leaf, Pig's Mouth, and Canoe Money, and much more is covered. The book catalogues the coinage, and includes many plates. Modern Copper Coins of the Muhammadan States by W. Valentine This book is a reprint of the 1911 original published by Spink & Son, Ltd. The article appeared originally in volume 37, Supplement 2 ( 1984 ) of the Encyclopedia of the Information Science. Davenport In this publication, the coinage of daallers (silver dollar-size pieces) of 13 small semi-independent entities in the 16th and 17th centuries of the Low countries are listed. Rose One of the toughest numismatic subjects to get a handle on is the amorphous one of Chinese chopmarks. He traces the background and history of chopmarks, and defines and illustrates the various types of chopmarks, including the ink and scarce paper varieties.

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The publications currently available from Numismatics International are shown below. At last a catalogue is available covering the coinage of Iran which not only illustrates all coins, but also gives the history of the coinage, a price catalogue in five grades, and also lists a number of varieties heretofore unknown. (published 1974) $4 This is the latest NI Publication. It has been in works for three years and covers all aspects on religious medals of the world.

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